"Top 10 Quirks of Living like a Local in the Philippines"

"Top 10 Quirks of Living like a Local in the Philippines" (written in the style of the David Letterman show)


6/17/20232 min read

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the blogosphere! Today, we're diving deep into the everyday life of an American living in the Philippines. You know, it's a cultural adventure filled with unique quirks and surprises. So, let's jump right into it with the "Top 10 Quirks of Living like a Local in the Philippines!"

[Drumroll starts]

  1. The Jeepney Experience: Now, imagine cramming 20 people into a vehicle originally designed for 10. It's like commuting in a clown car, except the clowns are your friendly Filipino neighbors.

  1. "Filipino Time": Ah, yes, Filipino time. If you think you're fashionably late, think again! Time takes on a whole new meaning here. Don't be surprised if a meeting scheduled for 2 p.m. starts at, well, sometime before dinner.

  1. "Mañana Habit": The laid-back lifestyle in the Philippines is no joke. Expect things to move at a relaxed pace. When someone says "I'll do it tomorrow," it could mean anything from tomorrow to the end of time.

  1. The Art of "Bayanihan": Need help moving to a new place? Filipinos will magically appear out of thin air to lend a hand. It's like they have a sixth sense for knowing when someone needs assistance, or they just really love lifting heavy furniture.

  1. The "Karaoke King": Step into any neighborhood and you'll witness the true passion of Filipinos: karaoke. Whether you have a voice like an angel or a cat in distress, it doesn't matter. Belt out those tunes and let the neighborhood join in!

  1. The Love for Telenovelas: Forget Netflix dramas; in the Philippines, telenovelas reign supreme. Prepare for intense emotional roller coasters, dramatic plot twists, and characters who never seem to age, even after decades on the air.

  1. The Sweet Tooth Nation: Brace yourselves, folks. The Philippines takes dessert to a whole new level. From halo-halo to leche flan, you'll be in a sugar-induced coma before you can say, "Is there a gym nearby?"

  1. The Basketball Fever: Move aside, baseball and football. The national sport here is basketball. You'll see makeshift hoops in every corner, and don't be surprised if you're invited to join a pickup game while buying groceries.

  1. The Traffic Tango: Traffic jams can turn your commute into a never-ending dance routine. One step forward, two steps back, and an occasional "are we there yet?" thrown in for good measure. It's a real-life version of "Dancing with the Cars."

  1. The Warm Filipino Hospitality: And finally, the number one quirk that will win your heart: Filipino hospitality. You'll be greeted with smiles, warmth, and more food than you can possibly eat. Warning: Your stomach might need a vacation from all the feasting.

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Well, there you have it, folks! The top ten quirks of living like a local in the Philippines. Embrace the chaos, enjoy the laughter, and get ready for a cultural adventure like no other.

a blue bus parked on top of a dirt field
a blue bus parked on top of a dirt field